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Dr. Steve Haines

22 apr. 2022

New music alert

Now, the difficulty with reviewing the new single of someone who has appeared on your podcast is one of being biased towards a ‘friend of the show’. Be assured, dear reader, that will never happen here – if something is poop, you can be sure that’s what we’ll say. Thankfully, Mendoza’s new single Take It To The Limit is far from that and is something of a triumph within the classic rock genre and I can imagine this being a real crowd pleaser when played live.

With a video featuring a range of tattoo displays interspersed with clips of the band, this track starts with an alarm sound which leads into a bass-heavy slab of classic rock riffage that is a great listen. The track is enjoyable and fun and, certainly in the video, Mendoza oozes charisma throughout.

Granted there is nothing new or groundbreaking here, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and with a catchy tune, classic rock lyrics and great energy, Mendoza has delivered a masterclass in writing and performing a rock track that is everything rock and roll should be. Yes, he’s a friend of the show but he became one because of tracks like this.

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