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Tina Sherwood

23 jul. 2022

Hammer & Tongs Festival

The modern music scene is suffering; gigs cancelled left, right and centre; stadium tickets prohibitively expensive and, if you need to travel, there’s increased fuel costs and hotel bills, so don’t be afraid to risk and listen to unfamiliar talent playing local to you, for it is surely out there!

Check out the bands on Spotify and YouTube. Research their socials. The future of modern music is in the hands of everyone and if people continue to just go for nostalgia, we run the risk of having nothing before too long!

Last Saturday, I attended The Hammer & Tongs Festival, an all-day event at Sheffield’s iconic rock venue, Corporation. Promoted by TFMG Live, this promised to be a bargain gig with 10 quality rock bands across the day for the incredible price of just £12! (You do the maths!)

Unfortunately, with a couple of days to go The Wicked Jackals and Ashen Reach had to cancel for health reasons; (par for the course at the moment) but an excellent local replacement meant that expectations remained high!

There really was something for every rock music enthusiast including exciting young talent such as Archy & The Astronauts, Unknown Refuge and Mad Haven which, for a 14+ venue, is a fantastic way to inspire young hopefuls.

Stepping-up to headline was Nottingham-based classic rock trio BlitZ who never fail to deliver that end-of-the-night party feeling! Dipping into the breach came local boys, Steal The City, who’s incredible energy leaves the venue on a high after every performance!

With equally outstanding performances from Circus 66, Concrete Kingdoms and Hunted By Elephants and King Voodoo, Hammer & Tongs Festival must have been the best value Saturday rock show anywhere! It’s not just me, no matter who I spoke to, everyone was of the same mind! Hammer & Tongs Festival was a fantastic occasion.

The message is loud and clear: don’t be afraid to try something new. They say the music goes on forever;but if we don’t support it, as Don McLean predicted, it’ll be the Day The Music Dies!

Take a listen to the Hammer & Tongs Festival playlist and make yourself choose something new. It will brighten your life!

Tina Sherwood

Rock Shotz Newz

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