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Tez Tezza

23 mrt. 2023

‘American Movie’ and ‘Fyre’ director Chris Smith will chart the band's career in their first fully authorised film.

Aptly titled Devo, the film will be produced by American Movie (1999) and Fyre (2019) director Chris Smith.

This, the first-ever fully authorised film about the band, will chart the new wave group’s career, from

their formation in the aftermath of the Kent State massacre to their breakout in 1980 with top 20 hit ‘Whip It’.

Smith said in a statement “Devo was a huge influence on me, their approach to music, film, video, and art was something I had never seen before and was one of the truly formative artistic influences that showed me there were entirely new ways to look at things.”

Warner Music Entertainment and Fremantle Documentaries added: “Forming in 1973, Devo banded together initially as performance artists, disillusioned and radicalized by the shooting at Kent State where they were students. Their artistry was a commentary on corruption in the United States,

the perceived ‘dumbing down’ of an entire generation by mass media, and the commodification of a poisoned society.”

The documentary will feature a mixture of interviews and never-before-seen archival footage. It is currently in production, but no release date has been announced.

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