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Tez Tezza

25 mrt. 2023

Manchester gig called off for tonight (25th March).

Death Cab For Cutie have cancelled most of the shows on their current UK tour due to illness.

American rock band Death Cab For Cutie have had to cancel most of their UK dates due to vocalist Ben Gibbard

being struck down with a cold that's affected the frontman's ability to sing.

Ben posted an explanation on the band's instagram site stating:

“Dear Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester;`

“On behalf of the entire band, please accept our sincere apologies for cancelling our shows in your cities. We flew halfway across the world with the intent of playing music for you guys and it absolutely breaks our hearts to be unable to do so. We also think you deserve more of an explanation than merely ‘illness’.”

He went on to add: “Due to a number of factors outside of our team’s control (the amount of competition for venues post-covid, currency fluctuations, inflation etc.), we knew this Euro/UK tour was going to leave us little margin for something going wrong.

We knew that even more than during normal times, we would be in perpetual motion and enjoy very few days off.

We accepted the risk because the reward would be playing music for you guys.

Three shows in, I caught a cold that attacked my vocal cords. On more occasions than I’d like to admit, I was backstage mere minutes before our set time wrestling my voice to open up. And thankfully in pretty much every case it did. Until it didn’t.”

He continued: “Some of you who attended the Birmingham gig may have noticed something was off with me. I was incredibly frustrated that my voice wasn’t doing what I wanted it to and that I couldn’t provide you the show I felt you deserved. The next day my voice was gone.

Over the course of this band’s 26 year career, we have only canceled shows when we have been left with no other option.

When you guys decide to give us your hard-earned dollars/pounds/euros you deserve us at our best.

We promise we’ll be back as soon as humanly possible. I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true; Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester are three of our favorites in the entire world. You guys have always shown up for us and your musical legacies were integral in forming who we are, both as musicians and people."

“Thank you for your patience and understanding. Ben.”

We hope that Ben gets over his illness soon and that the remaining UK shows can still go ahead as planned.

Remaining dates are :


27 – Brighton, Dome

28 – London, Roundhouse

29 – London, Royal Albert Hall

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