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Tez Tezza

26 mrt. 2023

Ex Iron Maiden singer will endure and survive.

Blaze Bayley, former lead singer of Iron Maiden, was rushed to  hospital after suffering a heart attack. Blaze, 58,  fronted the legendary Heavy Metal band from 1994 to 1999.

He  fell ill at home yesterday but is now “in hospital in a stable condition, awaiting news of further treatment.”

 There has been an outpouring of well wishes on social media from fellow artists and fans alike, all wishing Blaze a quick recovery.

A statement posted on Blaze's instagram read:

“We sincerely regret to announce that Blaze had a heart attack at home yesterday evening & is now in hospital in a stable condition, awaiting news of further surgery/treatment,’ a Facebook statement reads. “He is in good spirits in the circumstances but utterly disappointed to have to postpone our imminent shows due in March & April. Ticket refunds will be available at source, but we truly hope you will keep your tickets & make it to the new dates, which we will be announcing as soon as they are scheduled.


“Regarding shows already booked for June-November this year, we understandably have to wait a short while to see how quick Blaze’s recovery will be, so please stay tuned & meanwhile, most importantly, we’re sure you will join us in wishing him a complete & speedy recovery.


“Blaze misses you, cannot wait to regain full health and see you all again.


“Every Storm Ends… ‘your heart will heal’


Thank you so much, everyone, for your understanding and support.

Mark Appleton & Christopher Appleton (management/bookings)

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