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Tez Tezza

29 mrt. 2023

He's set to undergo triple or quadruple heart bypass surgery

The ex-Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane frontman suffered a heart attack at his home on Saturday 25th March and his management team Mark and Christopher Appleton have shared a statement updating Blaze's fans on the situation.

Although Blaze remains in hospital, they've stated that he is in excellent spirits and hasn't lost his sense of humour. Blaze will need many months of recovery and as touring is not now an option, the pair have urged fans to help support Blaze by buying merchandise from his website, merch that you would have probably bought at a show.

The full statement reads:

“We visited Blaze in hospital yesterday & first of all we’re delighted to say we found him in excellent spirits, sitting up in bed.

We of course had an update on his condition but also a really good chat & a laugh as normal. Blaze has certainly not lost his strength & sense of humour!

Moving on from that he does require surgery & within the next few days (as soon as hospital capacity allows) he will be undergoing a triple (possibly quadruple) heart bypass. This is obviously not a small matter & we should expect that his recovery period will be many months.

We will announce the impact on the tour diary once we’ve discussed with the relevant venues & promoters.

Nevertheless, Blaze is looking ahead with optimism for a full recovery with good health & fitness, & the full benefit of the surgery & treatment.

On behalf of Blaze & all of us in the team, we thank you so much for all the messages of love & support. It really has been incredible & Blaze is both energised & emotional in response.

As most of you will understand Blaze is a completely independent artist & so the postponement of the current tour & future dates is a particularly big blow.

For those of you that would like to help us get through this period we ask you to please buy merch from our webshop (probably items that you would have bought at one of the shows).

Your support in that way would be very much appreciated by Blaze & ourselves as the management team

In the meantime, we have Blaze’s blessing to work on Absolva recordings & tour schedule as of course they are also hugely impacted by the current situation.

We will keep you updated with developments as & when they happen.”

Just chopsing wishes Blaze a full and speedy recovery.

You can watch Blaze on the just chopsing podcast here:

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